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Bottom Rigs

"WOW some of the hottest rigs I have used and the best flounder year I have ever had! Easily outfished my buddy 2 to 1."

"Your rigs caught 9 out of the 12 flounder on our boat. They were all large fish. Incredible test of your equipment. When listening to the radio, others were saying that there was nothing to be found or just very small fish."

"Used to make my own but tonight I saw the rigs of a lifetime -.yours! They are perfecto for those doormats I fish for."

"We were fishing in the JCAA Fluke Tournament and your rigs were catching the fish. We placed 6th and brought home 14 nice keeper fluke."

"Super D lure 'kills' - got a 6 pounder on first try, then several others"

"Getting my recent shipment of Dormatter Express rigs has once again reminded me of how much fun it is to fish with them and how damn effective they are. Particularly with the larger fish."

Due to recent supply chain disruptions, there is limited availability of our custom trolling lures but many are still available by special order. Please email me and I will see what I can do.

All bottom rigs, tips, etc, are still available for order here.

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Trolling Lures (Now available only by special order)

"Well, I've got to tell you that they worked!  We caught lots of Yellowfin on them.  Even though I had plenty of standard feather lures spread out behind me, the green machines I got from you had all of the hits."

"The rainbow  and orange/yellow/green bars produced YFT on our last trip to the canyon when there was a slim pick of YFT late season while others were skunked."

"All I got to say is WOW, the spread worked great! We tore the yellow fin up. Doubles, triples, hell a few times all seven went screaming."

"This product so good that on my 1st trip out it caught a tuna. Then another tuna bit it off so I had to buy another one."

"Your freezer filler special for Mahi Mahi did just that!"

"Excellent. Hooked up first time in the water."

"Them dam cedar plugs were irresistible to these fish. A few times I  couldn't even drop it back to the spot I wanted to put it and it would get crushed."

 "Lures worked great! 3 mahi mahi, 2 tuna, 3 baracuda."

"We took your advice on the spreader bars and they worked out great off ocean city for us last year"


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