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Double Hook Black Seabass Rigs

Doormatter Express - New concept in lures.  Use it shallow or deep for fluke. Seabass and Grouper also love it

         Chicken Rig    

         Custom designed multi-species double hook bottom bouncer. Heavy duty

The Ancient Mariner uses his specially designed rigs when he goes out on freezer-filler special trips like this one.   

 Using the Super Doormatter, Lou and Carl caught (and  released)  38 Fluke 3lb and over in 2 days.

 Lou says "The Super Doormatter lure out caught bait 3  to 1".

   Custom Lures for  Fluke, Summer  Flounder,  Grouper,  Sea Bass 

"The radio said no Fluke were caught that day but they didn't know about the 4 large ones I had caught on my Super Doormatters".  Available without a blade for shallow water. Doormatter

Single hook weighted lure     Bucktail Bob 

Joe Bielawski, Founder, Author, CEO 

Deltona, Florida    USA