‚ÄčDeltona, Florida    USA


Joe Bielawski, Founder, Author, CEO 

Doormatter Express - New concept in lures.  Use it shallow or deep for fluke. Seabass and Grouper also love it

   The Doormatter    Great shallow water fish attracting lure

The Ancient Mariner uses his specially designed rigs when he goes out on freezer-filler special trips like this one.   

 Using the Super Doormatter, Lou and Carl caught (and       released) 38 Fluke 3lb and over in 2 days.

 Lou says "The Super Doormatter lure out caught bait 3     to 1".

   Custom Lures for  Fluke, Summer  Flounder,  Grouper,  Sea Bass 

"The radio said no Fluke were caught that day but they didn't know about the 4 large ones I had caught on my Super Doormatters".

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Double Hook Black Seabass Rigs

Custom designed multi-species double hook bottom bouncer. Heavy duty