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  Jigging and Drifting are the most popular fishing methods and each produces great results when used at the right time/place.   The choice of lure    and bait depends on whether you are jigging or drifting. Lures offered on this site are mentioned when that type of lure is described.                                                                                                        

 NOTE:        Fluke and Summer Flounder are different ways of naming the same fish. Fluke is the term used here.  Jigging for other species uses the same    methods with simple variations.   Deep jigging will also be covered as it’s a site/bottom specific method and requires some specialized gear.


 If you are fishing from shore from a pier or jetty or wade fishing - JIG

  If you are fishing from a boat in water less than 20 ft deep JIG first then DRIFT.

  In water 20 to 50 ft deep:
  Rough/cobbled bottom, strong current - JIG
  Rough/cobbled bottom, gentle or no current - JIG or DRIFT
  Smooth bottom, strong current - DRIFT from deep to shallow
  Smooth bottom, little current or no bait - AVOID 

In water over 50 ft  next to a wreck or sharp drop off - DEEP JIGGING

In water deeper than 100 feet – DRIFT or DEEP JIG

  Otherwise - DRIFT

 At any depth if there is no tide or current or  in front of a rip - SLOW TROLL



     Whichever method you use, most important of all, is to understand the unique, physical characteristics of the fish itself: For example, FLUKE are   flat fish that live on the bottom, and are able to see great distances UP and TO BOTH SIDES. They CANNOT see very far directly ahead. Other   factors, like the feeding habits of those huge fluke, must always be figured in if you want REAL SUCCESS.   When you fish for fluke with hook and line, you must attract the fish to your bait. Maximize your results by using SIGHT, SMELL and SOUND to turn on those fish!.

  Other species such as Cobia, Striped Bass, Black Sea Bass ,etc ,all require modified methods given here.  

Follow the link to read more about the different fishing methods.

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