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Joe Bielawski, Founder, Author, CEO 

     Ancient Mariner's

Saltwater Tackle & Tips.

2 oz.


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Bait or no bait, this rig does it all for you.  Cast it, drift it, jig it.  It is built for Flounder, Fluke, Cod, Black Sea Bass, Stripers, Mahi, Pompano -  truly a universal rig! 

It has a hard chromed ball and riveted bucktail, and is rigged on 30 pound test leader. 

1 1/4 and 2 oz have a 4/0 hook.   

3 oz has a 6/0 hook.

This is the way to go for those skinny water fish. Just toss it and retrieve it.    IT WORKS!
Heck even toss it up on the beach and pull it back,IT WORKS!    Drift it and jig it. IT WORKS !
Toss it up under and around piers. IT WORKS!    IT WORKS!


Tie directly to main line at the swivel.

Place a pendant shaped strip of Squid 5 inches long by 1/2 in. wide. Place on the hook thru the wide section of the squid strip .....HINT>>>>> Mackerel fillets of the same length are much better. Why you ask ? The Mack fillet holds its scent longer, holds its color longer, and it stays on the hook longer due to its toughness.

   HINT>>>> Put the fillets in a bag of KOSHER salt for 1/2 hour. That will keep these fillets longer, better, tougher . 

   HINT>>>> Always place the fillet strip on your hook skin side first.

Now drop this rig to the bottom as you drift along. Now shiver your rod tip (read jump/rock /lift etc.) and the teaser will flit up and down. This will get any FLOUNDER in ATTACK mode and will jump all over your rig.  

Every few minutes or so, lift the rig 1 foot up off the bottom to tease those bottom dwellers.

BLACK SEA BASS on the wrecks and reefs:

Use whatever is your local bait fish or add a small 2 or 3 in. Strip of squid or mackerel or 1/4 clam to your HOOK. Drop to bottom and GENTLY lift and drop the rig down  in 3-5 inch drops. They will attack this rig with a vengeance. GOSH, I wish I were going with you !


This rig is good for many other bottom dwellers. 

  HINT...HINT...HINT... Re sharpen your hook points AFTER every monster fish.

3 oz.


1 1/4 oz.


Available in 1 1/4, 2 or 3 oz for $5 in Green, Yellow, Pink, Red/Blk and White.  You can also choose the lure rigged with a fly for a unique setup.

 BucktailBob Weighted Single Hook