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Deep Jigging is NOT new. The advances in equipment are. I first started out , along with many others, in the NORTHEAST, using the standard 8 foot fiberglass rod mounting a 4/0 reel filled with monofilament, and a heavy 16-42 OUNCE JIG. 

We had progressed to dacron no stretch line over monofilament to wire ( MONEL) for truly deep jigging using progressively lighter jigs. Now the Japanese have invented the new high speed reels, special kevlar, no stretch lines and newly engineered jig designed specifically for this kind of fishing . The depths I now fish is staggering to me. From 200 DOWN to 500 feet. WOW!!!!!!  With the new ELECTRIC REELS we can now fish down to 1000feet. ASTOUNDING isn’t it.

   DEEP JIGGING in WATER 50-200 feet.


Yes, you can still use your old deep jigging rod and reel. The magic of the new kevlar line has made it much easier to drop a 8-12 ounce VIKIE or LAV or DIAMOND or other style jig to the bottom and still catch fish. I still use this style of jigging.

The rod should have a gimbal in the butt. The rod should have a longish rear grip for jigging angle. The reel should be either one of the old style 4/0 or one of the new LIGHTER and stronger geared reels put out by many companies. The introduction to the new NO STRETCH lines to the market has made fishing these depths fun and creditable. These new lines are MUCH SMALLER in diameter than monofilament or dacron. Today a 80 pound line has the diameter of 20 pound class monofilament. YOUWZA!!!!!!

HINT…HINT…HINT… Because the new line has little if any stretch, you MUST use a monofilament or FLORU type leader. This leader absorbs the INITIAL shock of a fish’s hit and power away from your jig. It also allows the new line to be hidden by from the fish’s view.

HINT…HINT…HINT…  I believe that the leader length is also important for this trick. Make the leader length EQUAL and slightly longer than the length of the rod measured from the reel to the rod tip and EXTENDING out 6 feet. This allows you to have the leader wrapped around the reel spool PROTECTING the LEADER to LINE CONNECTION. If you fish or a party boat, take into consideration the distance from the waters edge up to the boats rail. Add this distance to the length of your leader. This ALSO keeps that connection from being rubbed against the boats hull where all kinds of obstructions will cut you off or war thru the connection. WOW, lots of things to think about.


The jigs mentioned above ,ALL have single or treble hooks attached to the bottom of the jig. Great if you’re fishing over sand bottom. Not so good if you over kelp, rocks or a wreck. You loose a lot to the wreck and bottom gods. Removing that huge treble hook and substituting a single hook on a quality SWIVEL helps immensely. HINT…HINT…HINT… Adding a curly tail grub or Tube to the single hook will improve your catch immensely. Depending on where you fish, colors are important. HINT…HINT…HINT… UP in the northeast and mid state region, PURPLE would be my 1st choice followed by blood RED than CHARTRUSE and bright GREEN. From the mid Atlantic region down south , PINK will get you your most hits. Followed by BLUE than ORANGE/BROWN. A good selection of colors in jigs and grubs will get you on the fish anywhere in the world. I caught COD and HALIBUT and WOLFISH right from the docks to offshore in NORWAY last year on all different styled jigs.


These jigs are engineered to be specially weighted. The top weight, mid weight and bottom weight give DIFFERENT jig ACTIONS. The sides and lengths of these jigs have been engineered to enhance the activity of each jig. These jigs can move sideways and in sliding, spiraling and sweeping actions, never having been possable before. GOOD STUFF.

These jigs now have the hook removed from the bottom of the jig AND have added an ASSIST type hook system that allows the jig to1). Create more action.2) Keep the fish from USING the jig weight and action as a FULCRUM to throw the hook .3) Designing a better hook style.4) Allows the fisherman to better "FEEL" when a fish is attacking the jig, providing a better hook set.

 DEEP JIGGING in WATER 200 - 400 feet.

For this type of deep jigging, you must have the new style rods and reels.  The new parabolic rod measure in the 5 to 6 foot size. These rods have a super lifting and tension adjusting set of fibers to make these rods a "MUST". Now add the new reels with 6+ GEAR RATIOS on a light weight and super strong reel body that holds 400-500 feet of the new non-stretch line. These reels have the ability HOOK , STOP, and BRING the denizens of the deep up from 400 feet of water.

The new DESIGNS in JIG technology using everything from aluminum to lead to Titanium metals have created a great way to get down deep for those fish in an environment that has been virtually ignored by the sportsmen and commercial fisherman alike. Use the same types of jigs mentioned for 50 – 200ft depths, increasing the jig weight.


The Short stroke was propagated by the Japanese for their BUTTERFLY designed jigs. This system is where you start your rod tip in about the 9 o’clock position and in a circular dropping motion to about 6 o’clock Reeling in the slack while keeping tension on the line . Short lift and reel then repeat the motion to move the jig in a active motion. If you’re strong and healthy, this system will work for you throughout the whole day. It’s a very active and tiring motion for me to keep up for 6+ hours. AGAIN, It is a killer way to catch fish. IT DOES WORK!! The best jigs for this system are in the 4-7 inch sizes and lighter weights.

The long stroke was modified by sportsmen to make the jig do a different motion and not wear down the sportsman. In this system, you start with the rod tip at 7 o’clock and sweep the rod tip up to 11 o’clock. Allow the rod tip to slowly drop back down to 7 o’clock . That will allow the new designed jigs to swing out and around in a enticing motion. The long length jigs work best for this style of jigging motion. Jig lengths from 8-24 inches(YES 24 INCHE LENGTHS) will dominate this deep water fishing. The Australian an New Zealand sportsmen are already dominant in these jig sizes. 

Their fishery for their fish is an untapped fishery.   Here in the states, these depths have lots of grouper and wreck fish , just to name a few, in big sizes .  There are lots more investigating to do at these depths.


 This used to be the realm of the commercial fisherman using nets and ELECTRIC jigging machines. There are now at least three companies that are marketing ELECTRIC fishing reel to sportsmen. It id virtually an UNKOWN , UNTAPPED fishery.

The reels now use less electricity than those of ten years ago. A fully charged car battery will be sufficient to power a ELECTRIC ROD/REEL combo all day. The rods in use were originally cut down BENT BUTT UNLIMITED Tuna/Marlin rods. These still work. Now there are rods being made in the 5 foot range with enough power to haul a 10 pound weight + a 6 hook gangion up from 1000 feet and not be strained at all. These new rod/reel combos combine great strength and durability in an increasing smaller and lighter weight packages.

This is primarily a HOOK BAIT system. Up to 6 hooks on a specially modified leader(400 pound test) with heavy duty swivels and crimps is the ONLY way to go. Bait can be Mackerel chunks, Cut Squid chunks are but a few of the baits to use. This is an ongoing experimentation that the sportsmen are discovering every day. HINT…HINT…HINT… Add a GLOW GREEN or BLUE CYLUME light to the top swivel for added attraction. Why GREEN or BLUE ? I just don’t know. Obviously at those depths over 400 feet , there IS NO DISCERNIBLE LIGHT AT ALL.I guess the creatures that live at those depths and hunt for their food depend on some kind of BIOLUMINESCENCE given off by themselves or by their prey when their prey is disturbed by something. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

NOTE:  The new PARABOLIC rods in 5-6 feet lengths are a MUST for waters >200ft! Being developed now are the rods in the 7+ foot lengths for deep jigging in waters over 400 feet.

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