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Saltwater Tackle & Tips.

5 or 6 oz.

Wt. and Color

Available in 1 or 2 oz for $5,  3 or 4 oz for $6.   5 or 6oz for $7.      Email me for availability of 8 and 10oz.    

White is in limited supply

 East Coast Guys:  From Maine down to the Islands, this rig just WORKS, WORKS, WORKS.  Live bait, cut bait, use them all. Just remember,   SSLLOOWW jigging does it. Lift 12 ", drop back ,lift 12"  after 3 times, HOLD at 12 inches. 

 Gulf Coast Guys:  Use these way off the beach out on the ledges and edges.  Tower/oil/gas/rig legs will hold monsters.  You know how to fish 'em. 'nuf said.

West Coast Guys:   From Cabo reefs to California, Halibut to giant green ling to Alaska's giant bottom dwellers, the action is the same.  Drop to bottom.  Lift and hold just above the bottom,  SSLLOOWWLY  jigging on the drift or at anchor.  Get that gaff!  Now!! 

In the Northeast,  this lure is used for two kinds of fish. Summer Flounder ...aka... Fluke and Black Sea Bass.


Tie directly to main line at the swivel.

Place a pendant shaped strip of Squid 5 inches long by 1/2 in. wide. Place one on each hook thru the wide section of the squid strip.

   HINT>>>>> Mackerel fillets of the same length are much better. Why you ask ? The Mack fillet holds its scent longer, holds its color                     longer, and it stays on the hook longer due to its toughness.

   HINT>>>> Put the fillets in a bag of KOSHER salt for 1/2 hour. That will keep these fillets longer, better, tougher .

   HINT>>>> Always place the fillet strip on the hook skin side first.

Now drop this rig to the bottom as you drift along. Now shiver your rod tip (read jump/rock /lift etc.) so that the TOP ATTRACTOR TEASER just constantly flits up and down. This will get any FLOUNDER in ATTACK mode and will jump all over the top TEASER/SQUID COMBO.

Every minute or so, lift this whole rig 1 foot up off the bottom. Any cruising bottom dwelling FLOUNDER will have a good chance at whacking the bottom TEASER/SQUID combo.

The DOORMATTER EXPRESS is a SUPER ATTRACTOR because of the action of the EXPRESS Chrome Ball bouncing up and down off the bottom sending out vibrations, and the Flounder teasers swimming erratically, and the Squid/Mack/Minnow strips laying down a scent trail. The Flounder can't resist this turn on. When they come charging up from behind and miss the hook baits, they see your SUPER DOORMATTER come swimming by looking for all the world like a small predator INTENT on his dinner AND not checking HIS own tail. That's EASY MEAT for that huge Flounder to suck down ! Now you have the SUPER DOORMATTER in position behind the DOORMATTER EXPRESS, ready to 'Whack n Stack" those huge Flounder right into your fish box! Together these rigs rule the Flounder world!   GET THAT NET ................ NOW !



Use whatever is your local bait fish or squid. Again a Mack fillet (small ...3 x 1.4) will do better. Drop to bottom and AFTER YOUR FIRST STRIKE, leave on the bottom for a few seconds. This will allow other BLACK SEA BASS to come over and IMPALE themselves on the second hook .


BLACK SEA BASS on the wrecks and reefs:

Add a small 2 or 3 in. Strip of squid or mackerel or 1/4 clam to each DOORMATTER HOOK. Drop to bottom and GENTLY lift and drop the rig down  in 3-5 inch drops. HINT...HINT...HINT... After the first hook's on, leave it down there a few seconds for the second one. Yes, you get double headers with this rig! HOLD ON, they're going to attack this rig with a vengeance. GOSH, I wish I were going with you !



In the south, use this lure for GROUPER and other bottom dwellers. For Grouper, choose the 8 oz lure.

GROUPER on Wrecks and reefs;

Add a thin strip of Squid or CHUNK of Mullet or Mack fillet or 1/2 clam belly to each DOORMATTER HOOK. Drop this rig to the bottom. Turn 1 reel turn up from bottom. Why? 'Cause a BIG GROUPER will try and lunge for its bottom hole. DON'T LET IT DO THIS BY HAULING BACK A.S.A.P..   It will hang you up in the wreck/reef if you let it get slack line. 

   HINT...HINT...HINT... A whole pinfish hooked just above the eyes will make that bait a real attraction.

Keep your rod tip high after the strike and keep the pressure on. That's why I use 50 pound test leaders on this 5 ounce rig. Get at least 6 turns of the reel handle then keep steady pressure on a high rod tip and SLOW reeling to move this monster AWAY from its den.

   HINT...HINT...HINT... Re sharpen your hook points AFTER every monster fish.

3 or 4 oz.

Wt and Color

  Dormatter Express Custom Lure

1 1/4 or 2 oz.

Wt and Color

1 1/4 oz.    This "IS" the way to go for those skinny water fish. Just toss it and retrieve it.    IT WORKS!
Heck even toss it up on the beach and pull it back,IT WORKS!    Drift it and jig it. IT WORKS !
Toss it up under and around piers. IT WORKS!    IT WORKS!

All rigs are made up of 30 pound test leader with the top hook on a dropper loop. The top hook has a custom colored bucktail teaser.  This really gets those lethargic Flounder into an attack mode.  The bottom hook is on its own 30 lb. test leader.  It is dressed with its own pink, white, green or chartreuse teaser.   This bucktail teaser combo presents an image of two (count 'em) small bait fish trying to get back to the safety of the bait pod (chromed Flounder ball).  

If you want a rig on an 8 or 10 oz sinker, I will rig it on a heavier line so it will take a beating when fished over the wrecks and reefs and rough bottom sections where those other bottom dwellers lurk.