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Saltwater Tackle & Tips.


Fish the SUPER DOORMATTER TYPE rig in a running tide. Keep your leader at least 10 inches above the sinker, I prefer 12 inches. This keeps your presentation away from the crabs. Look for rough bottom, channel edges, wrecks, and reefs that your QUARRY will move up and down with the tide seeking their forage. When the tide slows and stops, they will be in the deepest part of the bay. As the tide starts again, they will move up onto the shallows to feed again.



Huge fluke are on the 40-80 foot depths. Find a wreck or rock bottom and DRIFT as CLOSE as you can. You'll lose a rig or two but it's worth it when that SUPER SIZED FLUKE is in the net.

<<<HINT>>><<<HINT>>><<<HINT>>>  Work alongside wrecks (as close as you can). Use big baits WITH color-coded blades WITH a DEEP CUP. This will get those FLUKE jumping all over your big baits. The CHROME JIG hopped and bopped next to a wreck will work when all else fails. Fish bottom contours from the bottom up onto the shallow section. When you get a hit, repeat short drifts over the same ground.

If you're on a jetty, at the change of the tide, hit that hole that's almost always just off the tip of the jetties. A lightweight rod and reel will get that smart DOORMAT or Redfish or Bass using a lightweight jig.

Most of the smaller fish will inhabit the shallows to feed on the smaller bait fish and get away from the monster fluke and other predators.

If you must fish the bays, then look for tide rips. If you can back troll these rips with your bait rigs just working the edge of the rips. This is where the bigger fish will be. Drifting through them is an alternative way to fish them. Let them eat your offering before setting the hook!


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  Bottom Fishing Tips : HINTS!