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Joseph Bielawski

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        I am an ex-commercial fisherman with a lifetime of experience and knowledge.  I have retired from commercial fishing.  Now I am going to tell you secrets that commercial fisherman DON'T want you to know. 

       My lures are carefully crafted to take advantage of the behavior, characteristics and habitat of your target species.  I have successfully used everything I sell and I have made many modifications over time to ensure the best action for my lures.

     I'll tell you how to use my gear so you can WACK'M  'N  STACK'M just like I did.   If you are not in the market for any lures right now, stay a while, browse my tips and check out the pictures on my 'Wall of Fame'.  To special order items not carried on this site, contact me and I will custom rig something for you.

I have recently written a book that includes most of the ideas and tips that I share with you on this site plus many more that I have used successfully over the years.  It is available here and on Amazon in both a printed and e-book version.  Click here for   My book.