Deltona, Florida    USA

Joe Bielawski, Founder, Author, CEO 

     Ancient Mariner's

Saltwater Tackle & Tips.

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Here is a unique multi-species all-around lure. You can jig, cast, troll, or twitch it.  Great for Cobia, Striped Bass but almost anything will hit it!

Available as pictured in Chartreuse/Yellow, Brown/Pink

Take a close look at the head on this rig. It has been DESIGNED and built by me with a flat topped surface that tapers down in a great curve thru it's sides to a FULL drop down BELLY giving the EEl its  HOT...HOT...HOT...ACTION.

 The head weighs 1 ounce and is 1 1/2 inches long.  The whole rig measures 9 1/2 inches and has a MUSTAD 34184D 2x strong hook in 7/0 size, that sits ATOP of the CUSTOM made head to PROTECT YOUR LINE.  I've INCLUDED an EXTRA EEL to keep you fishing.when the bite is HOT...HOT...HOT... .
 From top water to bottom bouncing, this  rig will do it for you.

It casts like a bullet, straight and true. It can be speed retrieved,  SSSLLLOOOWWW retrieved or jigged right in front of a COBIA just lazing along or if you spot a Ray, a Turtle, a weed line or structure that might have COBIA underneath.

ANOTHER HINT...HINT...HINT... Troll this from an outrigger and watch what happens when pelagics see it . YOUWZA!!!!!!!    Sure beats rigging bait

"My friend Robert caught the smaller cobia on the chartreuse rig. The bigger one followed it to the boat and while he was fighting his, in a mad scramble, I clipped the green and black candy on my leader snapswivel and tossed it in. That fish dove straight down after the bait and I was hooked up in seconds. Amazing." 

Reel Eel Rig with spare eel   3 pks $10.99

Multi-Purpose Reel-Eel