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Bottom Fishing Tips: Slow Trolling

 Use SUPER DOORMAT type lure as described. SSSLLLOOWW is the key word here. If you have to, back troll to slow your boat down enough. Find a rip line, channel edge, major depth change.  If you find a rip, troll along its face. Put just enough weight off a 3-way swivel(this should be 24 inches from the sinker) to keep your presentation 10-12 inches ABOVE the bottom and 20 feet behind the boat. Leader length should be 3 to 4 fit.

SSSLLLOOOWWWLLLYYY keep the SUPER DOORMAT moving in and out of the rip line, drop-off, or channel edge. As big fluke and OTHER species keep moving with the rip line and tide movement, you will keep this presentation in their active feeding areas.

Fish this rig in free spool with your thumb on the line. When the fish hits this presentation, he will drop down to the bottom and then suck the bait down. YOU MUST GIVE THE FISH TIME TO HOOK HIMSELF ON THEIR TURN . If he's hooked, then reel him in. If not hooked by just lying on the bait, drop back again for that 3 count and repeat. I did that to one fluke 6 times. It weighed in at 11 POUNDS, 5 OUNCES. This is a BIG FLUKE /BIG FISH Rig. It can also be fished on a dead stick rod. You will see that rod bounce 2 or 3 or 4 times as a FISH attacks the bait, then BEND WAY OVER on the hook set.

<<<HINT>>><<<HINT>>><<<HINT>>> Try a strip Bluefish strip 6-10 inches long. Put this on . ONLY BIG FISH WILL ATTACK IT.




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