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Do you know where to place all those expensive trolling lures you have bought for maximum effectiveness? 

Ever wonder why others consistently catch more fish than you do  even though you are in the same area using the same kinds of lures? 


 Something most people don't know or won't tell you if they do know, is that the 'sweet spot' for trolling differs based on a variety of factors such as boat size, hull type, engine type, outriggers, and much more.   Placement of lures should be customized for your specific boat for best performance.   Many very experienced fishermen instinctively know where to place lures by watching them work as the boat is running.

But most fishermen haven't had the time to develop that skill.   At seminars and shows, people often ask me where to place the lures they purchase from me.   I customize a trolling plan for them and frequently have them return the to tell me how much their catch improved using my suggestions.   I decided to offer a plan for free to any one who purchases $150 of trolling lures from me.

When you make an eligible purchase, include a comment that you would like the customized spread.   I will email you with a  questionnaire to obtain all the information I need to develop your plan.   Indicate if you prefer your plan sent by email or regular mail and I will get it off to you as quickly as possible, normally within 3 days of receiving your completed questionnaire.

  If you have any questions about it email me at

Your Customized Trolling Spread 

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If you are not in the market for new lures right now but would like to know the most effective way to deploy your existing lures, I will create a layout for you for $50.  You can purchase the plan here.   I will send you an email with a few questions about your boat, kind of fishing and what lures you have and will use your answers to lay out a  diagram for you. 

Purchase a customized trolling plan  $50.00